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I see people throwing garbage on our streets all the time. That would be a big help in collecting waste. When I was growing up in Poland my parents were too poor to afford a bicycle. The one bicycle that we were allocated by the Communists went to my father so he could ride to work each day and support us with his cleaning job. Yet I am still for the bike lanes so everyone needs to shut up and go watch Netflix.

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And if you would like come out and help clean on Saturday. El loco will be there to meet and greet his fans and sign copies of his new book El loco Myth behind the Legend. I ride a bike. So you can shut up and clean up the mess left by the bikers. Come on now, El Loco, we all know that you were perfectly capable of stealing a bike back in Poland. Funny that the picture you showed here is right outside my building. This is the sort of filth that the bike lanes generate. Problem is that the street sweeping machines are not wide enough to sweep both the bike lanes and the parking lanes and therefore the bike lanes have become and will remain a sewer.

They have only been in for a few months and are already more black than they are green. If you want to get rid of the filth a cleanup day will not help unless there is one every day of the year.

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Even tehn the bike lanes will still be turning black with their filth. The best way to put it is this. How do you explain the same filth exists on non-bike lane roads? Kudos to all the volunteers, families, and neighbors who are stepping up and teaching these simple civics lessons by example. I applaud not only the cleanup, but all the effort that went into getting the bike lanes in. I love stopping and shopping along the route. Thanks, bike family. This could not be better put. It truly is a lesson in civics and how to bring about needed positive changes to our community and our city.

They speak truth to power and follow through on the promise to make this a better place to live for all of us. Thank you for your service, and stay warm! Look out for thumbtacks, According to the Pct. There was exactly 3 found after they had officers walk up and down both 43rd and Skillmans Aves.

No news conference JVB?? Eventually one of these Tour de France wannabes will severely injure a pedestrian with their reckless behavior.

Volunteers to Clear Litter Off Bike Lanes, Sidewalks in Community Clean-Up This Weekend

The only thing saving us is the fact that there are so few of these clowns on wheels actually using the bike lane. I see more bikers riding with respect than car drivers who speed thru red lights on Queens Boulevard so they can be first at the next red light. I drive in and out of the city each day, Gerald. I see far more bikes disobeying the rules of the road than I do cars.

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Stop making excuses for the bad behavior of the miscreants that flaunt the law. Stand on a corner for a few minutes and count the of cars that go through a red light vs the of bikes. Educate yourself, you mope.

Dad, you should know that I walk to work every day and spend lots of time at the intersection of Queens Blvd and 59th Street. I also sit on the benches there to watch traffic patterns, and I always see cars honking, cutting each other off, and red light scofflaws. Selfish jerks. And ignore lights. And ride around in the dark without lights endangering pedestrians…. Come on! Even though this is the internet, you could say that way more politely.

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Please try something like this next time:. For pedestrians too.

A lot of junk gets blown there by the wind. The resentment of the protected bike lanes are truly shown through the litter people throw into them.. I noticed how even in the fall people would purposely rake leaves into them.

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Glad efforts like this are being made. Where else are they supposed to rake the leaves moron! At the curb is exactly where property owners are told too. I hope you are joking. Sweepings must be picked up and deposited in suitable containers for collection. Sanitation litter baskets may not be used for this purpose.

However, I am not sure what to do with the snow then. Bag it? They are barely used as it is, which is another reason why trash accumulates there. Garbage collects in the gutter, it always has and always will. These changes in the book world have made this new edition of The Book of Books all the more relevant. Instead of well-read booksellers to guide us through the millions of titles in print, this volume offers recommendations from our staff of literary professionals, including publishers, editors, critics, scholars and authors whose names you will find on the copyright page.

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His long-awaited and longdelayed follow-up, Juneteenth, would appear five years after his death, but despite mostly favorable reviews, it probably wont have the shelf life o f Invisible Man one of twelve books by African-American writers, listed alphabetically, that evoke African-American life from to today in all its complexity and diversity. Another Country by James Baldwin, Sensual, passionate novel about a group of Greenwich Village friends crossing sexual and racial boundaries as they search for meaning following a friends suicide.

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In honor of his contributions to literature, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette established the Ernest J. Gaines Center in The Healing by Gayl Jones, An itinerant faith healer reflects on her rough-and-tumble, often bizarre life as she travels through the rural South.

A finalist for the National Book Award, The Healing is a virtuoso, stream-of-consciousness novel from the author of Corregidora. The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead, An ingenious and wildly original, genre-spanning novel that succeeds as both a futuristic mystery and racial allegory. In the worlds tallest city, the only black female elevator inspector must clear her name when shes blamed for the total free fall of an elevator. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Ellisons masterpiece was chosen one of Time magazines one hundred best English-language novels published since Sixty years after its publication, Invisible Man has lost none of its visceral power.

In a essay for The Daily Beast, novelist Nathaniel Rich wrote that readers experience American history as a nightmare in the pages of Ellisons novel. There was a rush against me and I fell, hearing a single explosion, backward into a whirl of milling legs, overshoes, the trampled snow cold on my hands. Another shot sounded above like a bursting bag. Managing to stand, I saw atop the steps the fist with the gun being forced into the air above the crowds bobbing heads and the next instant they were dragging him down into the snow; punching him left and right, uttering a low tense swelling sound of desperate effort; a grunt that exploded into a thousand softly spat, hate-sizzling curses.

Kindred by Octavia Butler, The first science fiction writer awarded a MacArthur Fellowship also known as a genius grant , Butler received the prestigious Hugo and Nebula Awards for her novels and short stories. Kindred, which she described as a grim fantasy, is a provocative and unsettling time-travel novel about Dana, a black woman in modern day California, who is transported back to the antebellum South, where she saves the life of Rufus, the young son of a plantation owner. Its a selfless act that has profound repercussions Rufus will grow up to be the owner of Danas slave ancestors.

Mosley, Set against the backdrop of the Watts riots of , Mosleys ninth book in his Easy Rawlins mystery series finds the world-weary private eye investigating the murder of a young woman known as Little Scarlet.

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What he ultimately learns will force Rawlins to examine his conflicted feelings about the riots. Another outstanding book from Mosley, whom former President Clinton named as one of his. Meridian by Alice Walker, Walkers excellent second novel follows an educated young black woman whose unwavering commitment to the civil rights movement ultimately takes a toll on her health.