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Maggie can be loving and sweet but growls and bites if you pet her, pick her when she is alseep or get to close to her face. We have introduced her to guests and is aggressive toward them. Try to bite their hand off. Her behavior is making bonding difficult. Hello Christine, You need to hire a professional trainer to help you right away. At four months she is showing a lot of fear and aggression and that is not normal at that age.

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She was probably never socialized or possibly even traumatized. Work on feeding her her food one piece at a time and rewarding calmness, focus on you, choosing to be near you don't force her , and any touches she tolerates. Once she is comfortable being near you, with the help of a trainer you can work on getting her used to touch by giving her a piece of food every time you gently touch her somewhere while you touch her. Stop touching her as soon as she finishes eating the piece of food. Later you can have willing friends and family members give her pieces of her food for being calm around them, choosing to be close to them, and focusing on them in a good curious way.

When she can tolerate simply being around the guests, then they can work on giving her a piece of food every time she let's them gently touch her somewhere. She can be fed her entire food as treats throughout the day. As long as she eats the same amount of food per day, she does not need to be fed in a bowl.

If there is leftover food from what you measures out for her for the day, you can give that in a bowl. You need a trainer in this case. Look for someone who is experienced with aggression and fear, has good reviews or comes well recommended, and ask that trainer questions to see if they seem experienced. Look for a trainer who will do private lessons with you. I got my Pancho at 12 weeks.

When we went out to the yard for potty he was scared of cars, noises, people, cats, and dogs. I have been asking him to sit for treats when I can see him get scared, though ssometimes the trigger is too much and he tries to run away.

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When people are getting close to him he tries to run away and if they stop to talk to him and get a bit close or try to pet him he pulls away and growls. He tries to run from dogs he sees and barks, growls, and lunges at them if they are close. I have been bringing friends over a few times a week and he has gone from growling to being a bit shy at first but warming up to them and falling asleep next to them on the sofa. He sleeps in a crate in pur bedroom at night and during the day he either sleeps in his crate in the living room or on the sofa.

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Should I stop him from sleeping or being on the sofa with us or guests? All I wanted was a lovely small dog who was nice to people and animals that I could take everywhere with me. I didn't want a mean yippy dog. I brought him to a puppy social but he hid under a table and lunged at other dogs. I have tried bringing him out on walks around the block but he gets too scared and eventually tries to run away.

I don't drive but I can walk to the local park, take the train to town, the seafront is nearby. He struggles to walk all the way to the places I want to show him. Should I introduce him to new places even though he gets scared? Any advice would really help I'm so sad about his fear and growling. Hello Shay, Don't give up on socializing him.

How to Train Your Chihuahua Dog to Be Friendly

He probably needs the socialization to go slower, be more gradual, and involve a lot of rewards like treats, whenever he acts brave in a good way or calm around new things don't reward the aggressive behavior though. The issue is likely inherited, but dogs who are naturally more shy need socialization even more to make up for their natural fearfulness.

He might also be going through a fear period, which is a period when the dog is learning about what's safe and not and the world can seem even scarier during those two weeks that each fear-period tends to last. Keep socializing during this period, but try to avoid overwhelming situations and make the social experiences as pleasant as you can.

For example, recruit lots of friends to socialize him one at a time instead of a whole group coming over and toss him treats without trying to pet him yet. Instruct them to ignore him while they toss the treats, until he approaches on his own as he warms up. Act confident and happy yourself around new things he is deciding about For example, if he sees something new on a walk or passes a dog on the other side of the street, do a little excited dance and talk to him in sing-song voice I highly suggest hiring a trainer who has a lot of successful experience helping shy dogs.

The earlier you start, the better the outcome is likely to be. Find someone who can do training sessions with you in lots of different types of locations, like meeting you at the pet store, park, a friend's house, your neighborhood, hardwear stores, or outside of other training classes at her facility so that you can help him get used to the sight of other dogs and people without overwhelming him and crowding him with up-close interactions yet.

If she has access to her own, patient, calm dogs to help socialize him gradually with them, even better. He needs lots of extra help and lots of positive interactions with others, without overwhelming him too much. Anxious dogs also tend to do well with a lot of structure and rules in their life.

Have him work for things like food, walks, and ball throws at home, by having him perform a command, like sit first. Teach him "Place" and work on him staying there calmly you can give him a chew toy to chew on while on Place. Teach him to Heel during walks instead of walking on the end of the leash and leading you.

PetSmart Puppy Training: How to Potty Train a Puppy

Work on his focus on you. Rules and boundaries can help an anxious dog trust and respect you and relax more when they feel like you are in control of things and dependable and confident. If he is respectful of you and get off the sofa when told to, the sofa is likely not an issue. If he acts possessive of the sofa, does not listen to you when you tell him to get off, or it is otherwise causing issues, then the should not be on the sofa. When guests are over, if he is acting possessive, pushy, or aggressive while on the sofa, then he should not be on the sofa.

When I let my 4 month old chihuahua outside to potty he runs off and will not listen to me when I try to get him back inside. When I put him on his leash he thinks we are going on a walk and will stay right beside me and not use the bathroom.

Puppy Training Information, Tips and Advice

What tips do you have? Hello Sean, I suggest purchasing a long 30'' foot water proof leash waterproof in case it gets peed on or grass is wet such as a tie out material leash with wire core and rubber sheath and clip or a poly check cord. Teach "Come" and "Inside" and use the "Reel In" method from the article linked below to teach them. You will teach both the same way you would teach a recall but you want to teach two separate words and practice both separately because you will use "Inside" for the yard and less fun things and save "Come" for emergencies so that "Come" does not become unpleasant like "Inside" will be sometimes After he goes potty, praise him and toss him a couple of treats.

If he does not come back on his own after going potty, then tell him "Inside". If he comes inside when you tell him to, reward him with another treat when he gets inside.

My experience with Chihuahua temperament

If he disobeys your Inside command, reel him in with the long leash and do not give a treat - simply act matter of fact but not angry. The goal is to: 1. First teach him a command for inside so that he clearly understands your expectations and does not think you are playing with him by chasing him To reward him after he goes potty every time for a while to help him learn the "Go Potty" command so that he will go potty quickly even while on th leash, and so that he will automatically want to come back to you after peeing to get his treat.

To enforce the "Inside" command by reeling him in so that he learns that obedience is not optional; he has to obey, but if he does it willingly then you will reward him. You can give him treats less frequently when he is coming inside consistently - so that he is just praised and occasionally surprised with a fun treat, but does not need to treat in order to obey.

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  • Pancho is 8 years old. He does not like toddlers. I felt it has gotten worst since now I have a toddler. He growls at her if she is close to him. Amy suggestions? Thanks, Sharlene. Hello Sharlene, I suggest hiring a private trainer to help you since the training needs to be done carefully and a lot things need to be demonstrated during the training. I also suggest teaching your toddler to leave your dog alone easier said than done I know. My chihuahua puppy is so sweet to me and the immediate people in our house but he is terribly mean to anyone new that comes in our house or tries to touch him.

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