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Ok, best to put away the turtle shell, no more hiding from the world. Is your dream being fueled by all the propaganda? New habits will have to be created, and new expectations to go with them. What can you do to better earn it? Pick yourself. Wanting to be picked and not getting picked gets old after a while, trust me.

Top 31 Quotes from "The Icarus Deception" by Seth Godin

Are you still waiting? Is your effort genuinely motivated or driven by egotistical pursuits? The question is: Are you willing? Seth Godin makes the case that in our new information economy, your best hope is to find a niche audience and form a connection. There was a point in time — almost a century ago — where the smartest thing to do was to follow the rules.

It was a different world, and people who survived in the old, industrial world were the conformists, the organization men, the employees. Standards were low, connectivity was weak, and choices were constrained.

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

The strategy that paid off was the safe one. The world has changed since then. There is no shortage of options of thing to buy. The necessities have been provided. Today, what people need is art. There is no safe road anymore.

The old world where a stable corporate job was the ideal has transformed into a vibrant, unpredictable, exciting connection economy. What issues do you struggle with? But the phrase fits for people who understand a prevailing conversation and who can lead it with intelligent discourse. In short, Godin gets the art and science of captivating creativity.

Seth Godin

A change in thought. A change of heart.

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  • A changed life. A changed patch of the planet. Godin gets Jung. Godin might not have read Jung.

    The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

    Images arouse the intellect, the heart, and the imagination. They catalyze deep change in perception and behavior. Godin seizes the Yearning Image.

    You Are Your Own Worst Boss

    So his dad built Icarus wings out of feathers and wax. For centuries, as Godin reminds us, the story has been held up as a cautionary tale. Take-away: Know and define the specific yearning your readers have, whether they know it or not.

    The Icarus Deception, written and read by Seth Godin

    Find the image, the song lyric, the story, that speaks to that yearning. Godin Zags the Myth.

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    Take-away: Immerse yourself in the cultural lineage of the story you need to tell.