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Procs a lot of windfuries. Same thing for dueling. Spellcasters, faster weapon with lower damage range.

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I agree, this dagger is fairly poor for any pure caster class, or any pure melee class. If you look at it, it has obviously been designed with a hybrid in mind. High dps and spell crit? Is there a clearer way of sticking "Hybrid" on it? Saying it is crap is, in essence, very narrow minded.

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It's like saying a quel'serrar sucks for a mage, or a perditions blade sucks for a warlock. If you aren't giving things to the right classes, of course they're going to seem crap. Comment by Allakhazam terrible rogue dagger i play a 60 rogue this is an aweful offhand compared to bonescraper which adds 30 AP, much better for a dagger or sword rogue - and is FAR easier to acquire and a pitiful mainhand compared to shanker or heartseeker anyone who uses a 1.

Comment by Allakhazam Rougue are you kidding me?

Comment by Allakhazam wow, it was absolute crap before Comment by Allakhazam Is a shaman or druid dagger. Any rogues who roll on it will be blacklisted. Comment by Allakhazam I have yet to laugh so hard at some of the idiotic comments left by people here. And Proposterous, you're the gem of stupidity here. Simple fact, if you want to apply poisons more, you get a speedier dagger, there are several daggers 1. Who does this best go too? This game is not geared like EQ, there are lots of viable options. Shaman, Paladin, Druid, Mage, and yes, to a lesser extent, maybe Rogues.

Honestly, I'd rather see this go to a f'ing hunter before a rogue, they'd utilize it more then a rogue in my eyes. No good comes from them. Get friends, guild members, people you trust.

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Comment by Allakhazam this dagger does the second most amount of damage in the game for daggers. Comment by Allakhazam I've read this whole first page yes i'm lazy, and in school, so sue me if someone has written this pre. Didn't think of that, now did you? And what do you think we do when we've fought off our fair share off mobs and some more come picking on us, with a mana-pool of exactly 0.

Do we kick their kneecaps and hope they get crippled so we can run away? Do we maybe trow dirt in their face to just piss them off? No, we try to melee our sorry ass out of there. How do we do that? Well, certainly not by using a poor piece-of-crap 2. So, yes, a clothwearer should have a first-priority on this. Comment by Allakhazam if this dagger was 12dps it would be just as useful to a caster How much of an upgrade is this dagger over this lvl 48 item?

Comment by Allakhazam A dagger that causes hatred, envy, back-biting, horrid viciousness and generally brings out the worst in human existance I wont go on a raid for this mob. Secondary, it's a caster dagger. Anyone else rolling or bidding on this before these people get what they need should be kicked out of their guild.

Comment by Allakhazam The fact is, daggers aren't very good for shamans in the first place. I have this and the Aurastone Hammer and the hammer despite being 44dps instead of 51 does a buttload more damage with windfury on it. Windfury favours slow weapons with high top end damage, which the fang of mystics does not have. Still a great dagger for pvp when you're not doing much melee spell crit ftw and just tossing in chain lightnings as well as shocks and heals, but generally I don't have it equipped.

The effects of attack power are increased if your weapon speed is longer, and the slower weapons also have higher base DPS. So Druids, being that they can't wield Swords, should get this over Mages or Warlocks - who can both get Azuresong Mageblade. Shadowfang 60 Druid, Dragonmaw Server.

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Comment by Allakhazam I think this item is fantastic for casters. Comment by Allakhazam do u have rogue or u dont? BUT, the main hand even if is a bloodrazor, with charges, i can use it up. Comment by Allakhazam Okay it seems like alot of people are saying the same things. Let's get some facts out: Warlocks, Mages, Priests - they do not melee.

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Therefore, the highest DPS dagger in the game is utterly useless for that purpose. This particular dagger has an incredibly high max and minimum damage on it therefore increasing the amount of backstab and ambush damage that occurs for rogue classes obviously. Not to mention the weapon is faster than Barman's which allows for more chances to apply poison because you're striking more often. There are numerous staves and other weapons for casters that are better than this weapon. Think about how broken this dagger would have been if it was speced for a rogue. The majority of daggers I see people using like the Darrowspike have horrible proc abilities - the reason people use those daggers are for the DPS, not the proc abilities, so stop telling rogues the crappy abilities on this dagger matter.

In the end, if a cloth wearer were to roll on this dagger, I would shoot them for being so stupid. You can find better weapons.

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NO do rogues need intell? NO do rogues even have mana? Comment by Allakhazam Hey, it don't matter what you are.. People are such cry babies in the game. Easily proven by math. But for PVP high burstdamage is good. Comment by Allakhazam Edited, Tue May 9 Comment by Allakhazam Hmmm.. Haha that's a good one. I'd definately use this as a rogue because of the absolutely huge amount of damage it does. Comment by Allakhazam sorry, listed twice Edited, Sat Mar 26 This is just as much a rogue dagger as it is anything else.

So that means it MUST be worth more to any of you than to a rogue who will be doing 10 DPS more than what they could with the best blue item. And barman shanker? However, druids using a 1h weapon for the dps? Druids can't dual wield, and they can't hold shields. So they need to keep their paws off as well.

Comment by Allakhazam I really want to be rude, it would actually follow the tone of most post in this thread but I won't. Here are the basic facts as to what are the best rogue daggers and this one dagger is not part of them. Basically if you have a 1. Now if we're talking about a 2. Now it is to evaluate is it more interesting to have a faster weapon but much higher base dps or a slower weapon with even lower dps to get that big bonus from attack power.

The answer is to get the slowest weapon the possible as some level 60s can have anywhere between attack power accounting for some dps bonus from attack power.

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Resulting in 45 base damage weapon for a 1. Now I'm telling you one thing. That's 15 base damage more, 3 times the best enchant you can get for straight dmg enchant and that 15 damage can be multiplied by some other factor.

It can be even more the higher the attack power you get. Now that weapon has the same base damage as the Felstriker but is a worse weapon because felstriker is slower End of the story. That dagger for rogue is at best a good off-hand weapon but the mods on distracting dagger makes it better and easier to get. It's a godly weapon for a shaman. Don't roll on it if your a rogue.

You're a noob. This really isn't that Godly for a rogue as you are so desperately trying to say. That's it.

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I dont roll on guns before a hunter does. Stop arguing, look at the dagger. But read those stats right there. If you think im wrong then blow me, cause the guys that posted here that a rogues and have stuck up for it being a caster dagger cleary have more common sense then you, and i'd say by the sound of it know alot more about their class then you do.

I asked around on my realm to some good rogues and asked if they would roll on this, Most of them said, "Ya if there wasnt a caster there that needed it or could use it. Comment by Allakhazam if shamans claim felstriker is a shaman weapon also why cant the rogues also use it. Comment by Allakhazam dang double post ; Edited, Wed Apr 6 Comment by Allakhazam After much deliberation I have come up with official order for distribution of the dagger. It is unfortunate that Blizzard made such a weapon but have crated this situation.