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Friends distract you. Make you weak. Friends can betray you, make you forget your goals. I have soldiers, commanders, workers—but no friends. Which means nobody will ask me to sacrifice my ambitions.

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My goals are my own. Even you, my right-hand creature! Even you are not a friend. You are an agent of my will. You serve me not out of some misguided sentimentality or imagined camaraderie I will be the most powerful creature in the world. And you want to be at my side. Yes, my lord. I am your servant. Why do I desire conquest about all else? For that matter, who is the Storm King? Was I the child of a thundercloud and the sky? Was I born from an egg on a mountaintop?

Am I merely an ordinary creature with dreams of greatness? What does it matter? I am purely what I am—no more and no less. I am not the king of the storm I am a king who is a storm. Small, weak, useless creature.

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Grubber: T-That's me! You are too cowardly to ever attempt to betray me, are you not? Too spineless to consider your own wants. Aren't you? Grubber: Y-Y-Y-You got me pegged, boss. You're my new second-in-command. Get my ship repaired and follow those pirates. We have a traitor to catch. Look where it got me. But you did a darn good job of it.

I can respect that kind of skill, captain. I'd like to offer you a job.


You helped one ship escape my grasp. If you're so devoted to your crew I suppose you should be allowed to stay together.

Like I said I always need more cargo haulers. Seriously, I've had to put my best creatures on you! That was darn clever. But why didn't you just ask him to help you?

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Tempest Shadow: Because Because I learned a long time ago Tempest Shadow: Is that why you're searching for magic? Just for What other goal is there?

These are the only things worth seeking in this world. And if I'm going to be conquering, the last thing I need is bad luck. I never understand how this spell works. Tempest Shadow: Over here, your Excellency. Tempest Shadow: Over here. Tempest Shadow: No. No, right. Look right. My right? Tempest Shadow: Yeah. There you are. I'm in the middle of a big re-brand here.

These were not harmless pranks but ones that would extract a very heavy toll. Nate was charismatic, good looking, a boy all the other boys wanted to be, and ultimately loves and carries on with Lucy.

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On graduation from high school night after much drinking and pill popping, Lucy disappears and is never found. The mystery deepens and the search for Lucy goes on. When a body is found fourteen years later, it becomes the reason for Nate's return. While Nate is home these "pranks" start up again and the search is on for their perpetrators and then another girl turns up dead. All this is done with the background of storms lending a most sinister and moody aspect to the story. At times the story was as murky as the storm itself.

It seemed to shift back and forth in the two time periods clumsily but one could not help but be fascinated by the flow of the book. I, at times, wanted to put the book aside, but didn't and I am glad I finished. While I didn't love the novel, I did like it enough to see it to its conclusion. Murky as it sometimes was, it was different with a startling concept of what anger and rage can often do.

View all 12 comments. Dec 16, Judy rated it really liked it. Nate returns to his hometown, after fourteen years away, for the funeral of his high-school girlfriend, Lucy. Lucy's had been missing since high school graduation when her body was found. Before the funeral Nate gets together with his old friends who, together with Nate used to terrorize the town by achieving vengeance against their enemies.

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Back then Nate was their leader and his friends called him the Storm King. The mystery of who killed Lucy needs to be solved. The town has many legends that are brought up in the story and they intermingle with current events in the lives of the townspeople and Nate and his friends. This kept me riveted throughout. Good writing and good characters make for a fine story. Jan 10, ABookwormWithWine rated it really liked it Shelves: from-the-publisher , physical-arc , male-authors , tragedy , abuse , contemporary , made-me-chuckle , whodunnit , adult-fiction , creepy-undertones.

All opinions are my own. The Storm King literally starts out with a tragedy, and it was both a sad and dramatic start to the book. It was also imperative to the story this novel tells. Because of this, I was instantly hooked. The Storm King is a beautiful coming of age tale along with so much more. It is actually really hard to fit this book into one category because there is so much going on. I usually enjoy more fast-paced thrillers, but I wouldn't call this fast-paced or a thriller. Now that is not to say that just because it isn't fast-paced there isn't a lot going on in this book, because there is, I just didn't find it to be what I would usually consider fast-paced.

I felt like I read this book fairly quickly, but I was still taking my time as I read it. It's not really the type of book you can just burn through. To me, Brendan Duffy meant for this book to immerse you and that you should take your time in reading it so you can savor it.

There is a lot of detail in this book, but it was told in such a way that I didn't mind it at all.

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I also felt that everything I was reading was necessary to knowing these characters and the community they are a part of. The detail just fit so well with the tone of the book, and it was incredibly atmospheric. I also really enjoyed the progression of Nate's character in this book. I think that out of everyone, he learned the most. I appreciated that he learned the most after he was an adult when he comes back to the town he grew up in.

It just goes to show that people can still change if they want to. All of the characters were so detailed though, and there were characters I both loved and hated for good reasons. Final Thought: If you love atmospheric books with plenty of detail that include a mysterious murder aspect then The Storm King could be the book for you! I'm definitely going to be going back and reading House of Echoes now that I know how much I enjoy Duffy's writing. Mar 30, Carole Carole's Random Life in Books rated it really liked it Shelves: audio-book , net-galley , netgalley-challenge , thriller , mystery , , reviewed.